Part of the museum collection in Nottingham

The earliest recording of pump clip collecting was in 1968 when the late Frank Bailie started collecting. Soon after the famous Welsh collector Mike Pugh began followed by Andrew Cunningham. There were very few clips to collect in those first years with only certain breweries actually making them!

Mike Gatenby followed in the early 70's and his collection became the pump clip museum.

Now there are many collectors out there and they fall into seven main types:

1. Those who collect every pump clip known to man and who can tell you down to single figures how many clips they have at any time!

2. Those who collect themes: e.g. Aviation, Dogs, Glamour, Military, railway etc.

3. Brewery collectors: e.g. Cottage, Wychwood, Abbeydale and the like.

4. Those who collect one clip from each brewery who has ever brewed.

5. Brewery names such as Hydes etc when it's the same name as the person collecting.

6. Pop groups collectors where the collector collects items from certain group which inflates prices for other collectors!

7. Artist collectors who have designed pump clips such as Pete Mcgee.

Very few collectors have their clips on display, especially if they are married! Normally they live in the loft never to be seen from one year to the next! Some collectors have them in sheds,outhouses, conservatories and even stuck on bars in houses(see below)

The Tony Hammond conservatory!

Keith Phipps of Bedworth and his fantastic bar!

The pump clip queen on a royal visit to Doctors Orders, Nottingham

The pump clip queen on a royal visit to Greg's brewery, Scampton

Sue Miles(The Pump clip Queen) is the number 1 woman in the pump clip collecting field. Above are her Salamander pump clips!

If you are a brewery you might see me out and about paying you a visit
or giving you an award for an outstanding pump clip!

Foolhardy brewer in Stockport getting an award for the best new pump clip of 2013.

Birds brewery in Worcestershire with me giving a hand!

Hook Norton brewery in Oxfordshire in 2013.

Crate brewery award for the most unusual pump clip of 2013 in Hackney.

Burton Bridge brewery with Geoff Mumford winner of the historical series in 2013.

Can sometimes feel this way at times!

Christmas lights at the Pump clip museum turned on in 2015 by Sue Miles.

Barmaids are not forgotten either. Those lovely members of staff who serve our beer! At the end of the Barmaids theme are the winners from the last few years.

Magda who runs the Grants Bar in Accrington, Lancashire who is the current 'Barmaid of the year'.

Also, there is what I consider the top 100 pubs in the country that serve real ale and have many Hand Pumps with a variety of Pump clips.

Tom at the Babbington Arms in Derby, Derbyshire in the best Wetherspoons in the chain for me!

Tony Hammond's best collection in the country at his mansion conservatory in Cheshire.

Mike Pugh who has the best Welsh collection at the Sepastopol Club in South Wales.

Part of the great Andrew Cunningham collection in a pub in West Bridgeford, Nottingham.

Rob from Stourport on Severn novel way of exhibiting his vast collection!

Ben from Usk in Monmouthshire showing clips from his superb Rugby collection!

Burton Bridge 'Gold Medal' series is the longest running historical monthly series which began in 1998!

First pump clip mentioning a app!

A clip to toast Sergio's last minute goal in the match against QPR last May 2012 when Man City pipped Man United to the title in Fergie time!

(Viva Las Vegas!)

(The best team in the land in all the world!)

(Came out when City beat United in the semi final of the f.a cup 2011!)

(To celebrate Crystal Palace beating Man U in the Carling cup Nov 30 2011 at Old Trafford)

Keith's clips